The New Rock Stars

The New Rock Stars

Once they were a rarity, hidden in back streets or docksides or anywhere away from polite society. They, and the people who they decorated, were often considered pariahs, and to be avoided. If you were tattooed, you were marked for life, both literally and metaphorically.

How times change.

Almost every high street has at least one tattooist in residence. Where I had to travel 40 miles for my second tattoo (don’t ask about the first – I was too naive to know that all tattooists are not the same), the chances are you’ll have at least one within a mile from you.

Not that this matters – true tattoo collectors are a dedicated and fanatical bunch and will travel to the opposite ends of the earth and wait for years for a booking with their favoured artist.

No longer back street pariahs, these artists are the new rock stars.

About The Book

The New Rock Stars is a 30cm x 30cm fine art book that will grace any coffee table. It features 64 full page art prints of new rock stars at work in Mike Coombes’s distinctive black and white style and will be limited to 100 copies, each numbered and signed by him and is priced at £60.00 each including postage to anywhere in the world.